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Want to host a Birthday Books Project at a school you love?

It's surprisingly easy and affordable!

Starting a Birthday Books project 

Any school can start a Birthday Books Project with just a modest budget, a modest time investment, and an ordinary bookcase -- and you can help make it happen!  

Complete printable instructions are linked here, covering these major points: 

  • Cost.  Title I schools can easily start a BBP with a budget of as little as $2 per student per year, thanks to a simple process and outstanding subsidized and low-cost book sources. Some schools fund their own projects from existing literacy funds, while many are financially sponsored by local community groups. 

  • Time.  Total time needed per year is about 20 hours in advance (to plan, order books, and set up), then about 2 hours a week throughout the school year (to give books to students and re-order as needed).  As with cost, a school can do it alone or share responsibility.  A self-directed school can designate a staff member for the full needed time, while a school with an active community partner may be able to save time by sharing tasks.  

  • A bookcase.  The final need is very modest:  a simple bookcase, often placed in the media center or the front office, which can store the books and allow students to choose a favorite.  Most schools already have a bookcase they can dedicate to the project, so community groups rarely need to provide one.

That's it!  Any school that can commit to those three things can have a Birthday Books Project that celebrates and encourages every child in the school.


Calling all community groups and dedicated individuals!

     Helping a local Title I school to start and coordinate a BBP is one of the best ways you can contribute to your community.  A small group, or even just one enthusiastic person, can jumpstart a program -- and have fun doing it.  You can, for example, offer to help with logistics, such as raising funds, ordering books and/or setting up the book display area. It's a perfect volunteer opportunity for retirees, Scouts, faith communities, civic associations or anyone else who cares and wants to make a difference. 

For complete, step-by-step directions to help you get started, click here.

We can help!

Helping Hand

The Birthday Books Project is committed to reaching students nationwide, and we'll help however we can. Please call us if you're hoping to bring the project to serve students at a school where you work or in your community.  We can walk you through every step of the way, cheer you on as you go, and even offer practical help if needed!

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