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Help spread the joy...because readers make leaders!

The Birthday Books Project

Every child deserves to be celebrated, but families who struggle to pay for basics like food and shelter may not be able to afford the extra expense of a child's birthday gift. The Birthday Books Project works with local schools serving lower-income families to help fill this gap.  In sponsored schools, every student receives the gift of a new, high-quality children's book on his or her birthday.  That precious gift may be the child's first personally owned book, encouraging the lifetime joy -- and crucial skill -- of literacy. 

Help us spread the joy and learning!

Want to help? The Birthday Books Project now serves over 14,000 students in 33 Title I schools, and our goal is to keep growing nationwide until all in need are served.

To do that, we need help -- and there are lots of fun ways that you can get involved.  You can:

Heart & Hands

DONATE with confidence, knowing that every dollar you give buys a beautiful new book for a child in need. 

Heart & Hands
Heart & Hands
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